Quotes added on Friday, January 26 2007

Why do i keep thinking about him?
I know it's SO over

It's been almost 2months!
Didn't [he see] that everytime i looked
In his eyes i just [admired] being there
[with him]

For all the sneaking out, staying up
till 3 am with eachother
knowing that i would get in SOOOO...
much trouble
i thought he charished our time as much
as i did

it seemed so perfect
he was the first one i actually
[[falled]] for

and now look at me...
I know how it feels to want to die
How you want to be numb so you canít feel anything
Have you ever had a day
When everyone was
against you
When everyone was
Lying to you
Even your closest friends didnít help you when you needed it
Even when you donít know what to do
They just leave your side

You know youíre lost
And you can feel the shaking comingÖ.
The painÖ..the tears
You try to stop it

Revenge comes to your mind
But you donít know how or where to start

Even your family doesnít care
They donít listen
I feel like I have nobody

I have done some things I terribly regret
But you know thereís nothing you can do about it

Yes people have hurt me
And I have hurt other people
Inside and out
But surprisingly
what hurts the most is
On the inside

Iíve prayed and asked for precious help
But none so far

I sometimes feel invisible
Like I was never meant to be
I donít know why I feel like this
I guess Iím just a sensitive person
But I canít keep living like this

I do have very good things
To appreciate in my life
But I feel like certain people
Make me appreciate them

She does that a lot
Puts words into my mouth
Also made me feel ashamed of my own feelings

I wish we still lived in a world where you just are

It didnít matter what you wore
What different qualities you had
Or even who the people were you spent your time with

And people didnít judge you for
One mistake you made

It hurts so bad
To hear someone laughing
In your face
While you cry because you were hurt
And that was there goal

I know how it feels when you canít stop crying
I know how it feels to want to die
How you want to be numb so you canít feel anything

Sometimes I even feel selfish
Because I feel like I want
Someone to feel sorry for me but I donít
I just want somebodyÖÖanybody to know
Because I need someone to talk to....

read it
all me
thats how i feel right now
Find the one you can be yourself in front of. You can say anything. You can laugh. You can smile. You can cry. You can scream. You can hug. You can kiss. You can fightÖ.make up the end of the nightÖ. & heíd still be crazy about you.
time is of the essence..... every passing minuete is a chance to turn everything around
A friend is someone who knows all your faults but wants to be your friend anyway.
Im not a fake person so why would i want fake friends
I see you windin n grindin up on that pole,
I kno u see me lookin' at you and you already kno
I wanna love you, you already know
I wanna love you, you already know


~ Akon
[Save] a ~Wave~

[Ride] a ~Surfer~
keep your head up high gorgeous
`- - ->> because there are people who would kill to see you fall.
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