Quotes added on Saturday, January 27 2007

Raab: We just had to carry Vito..
[Dunn kisses him on the cheek]
Raab: And that makes it all better.
-» Viva La Bam

i love Raab :]
everything is beautiful but not every one can see it

   O   O
   ||  /\
__              __
|x|Single       |_|Taken

[underline the x]
It's that yelling-at-guys thing. It's that Zoom-Zoom-Zoom-Supa-Nova-Girl thing. It's that hide-from-stalkers thing. It's that break-her-heart-I'll-break-your-face thing. It's that she's-my-best-friend thing. It's that I-love-you thing.
++baby,i wish i could spend
in youR aRMS
because then,
my song could be your song
my tears could be your tears
my hopes could be your hopes
and my fears could be your fears
2 bodies
one heart

-mine...dont take credit pleeze : )
whats the DiFFeReNCe
girls soccer
and boys soccer??
...o yah...
make it LooK
better (): )
the friends you have been friends with you forever, you arent friends with anymore becuase of this little called drama. the boy you liked dosnet like you becuase your not "perfect enough" and you cant get over him. then you start to act fake so that boy will like you and you lose so many friends becuase of this. they have a word for this...
m i d d l e s c h o o l
Courage ------------>> friday night lights
I thought bffl meant Best Friends For Life… I guess I was wrong </3
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