Quotes added on Sunday, January 28 2007

When he broke my heart,
you were right there with a glue gun
He said I will love you forever,
but i guess "forever" isnt as
long as it used to be.
boy no matter what we go through you step up ill step up to it dont matter what the haters say as long as you are my boo no matter how hard it gets this love will have no regrets as long as when we stepping on the dance floor it me and you

STEP UP-Samantha Jade
sorry i CANT talk or i dont FEEL like it pick 1
(h)(e) (r) (e)
(w) (e)
(g) (o)
(h)(e) (r) (e)
(w) (e)
(g) (o)
(a) (g) (a) (i) (N)
now that you broke up with me im happy not sad because if u didnt do it first i would've broke up with u before u did it to me..
A good friend will bail you out of jail
a best friend will be sitting there right next to you,in jail, saying "Man, that was awesome!"

cant take crdit
People say that hate is a strong
but love is an even stronger word
and people throw it around like its nothing.
You're sitting next to me.
she's sitting next to you.
you two are talking,
but every so often,
you look at me
with those eyes,
those sparkling blue eyes,
that give me the butterflies.
I know you're with her,
but deep inside
i know we have something *SPECIAL*
the day i met you.my life changed. something inside me was hard to explain. You make me smile in a special kinda way. you make me fall deeper for you everyday. when i look into your eyes, i know its true. Theres no one else in the world for me but you.
[his initials here]

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