Quotes added on Friday, February 2 2007

Kayla:f you
Me:ouch that hurt my feelings
Kayla:no i wanna f you!
Me:oh baby
Alyssa:whay do i get the feeling i came in at the wrong time?
lol good times in english love yas!
ks ab kr bffl
maybe if you stare at the screen long enough i'll pop back on!
I dont mean no disrespect, but she aint got nothing on me.
^My favorite part of LAX's "Forget you"
♥nd if i fall on my butt
-i'd want you to laugh
{then ask if i was alright}
♥if i slammed my locker on my finger
-i'd want you to call me stupid
den kiss my finger to make it feel better*
nd she sits
[in the corner]
as tears drown her
[pretty face]
singing to
what he used to
x0x- 100%jenny lynns*
&& she knows it'll never be the same
he's gone now , things happened...
And she's just another broken hearted girl
Walking to streets with her eyes staring at the ground.
Another crack in her heart.
Another lie she was told.
She's just another girl, another soul in this world, who means nothing to the one she loves.

IM me if u want anymore
she's not pretty
she's not smart
she talks to herself
she thinks she's alone

he slips in the door
listens to her tears
puts her infront of a mirror
and says your beautifull
your not smart your intelligent
your not alone - im here
nd if you need to talk
just tell me when
and i'll be there...
I only //roll// with the [[BeSt]]
(friends names here.)

If my house was burning down<==
Me n my girls wouldnt be running out
We would be sitting on the roof,as it caves in,
Staring at the hot firefighters and roasting marshmellows =]
Every well is see, i throw a penny in
every 11:11 i make my wish
Every shooting star i cant but help
And wish for you.

(i dont like it at all, but use if u wanna)
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