Quotes added on Saturday, February 3 2007

&Shes fine
but behid closed doors
you may never
understand why she cries
or why shes wishes to die

^cute edits
x3hunny you told me to wait
so thats what im gonna dox3
you said if i wait our fairytale
will come ture x3
x3 hunny, ill wait for you
why should i be suprised;
i was always second best
your little girl grew up too fast
shes been broken too much ,
shes delt with everything herself
now shes hates life & she wants to quit
she tired of felling this pain</3
love is like a picture sometimes you color out of the lines & sometime a colors dosnt look like you want it to but it then end it turns out 1 of 2 ways
horrible or beautiful
you wore gonna break my heart x3
maybe then i wouldnt feel this pain
its like climbing a mountian with the boy you love the being thrown back down basically it hurts</3
is a sport you dont think so becase we olny preform when our rouittnes are prefect you dont see the hours, weeks, moths so shut your mouths it is a real sport
I like you...<3
U like me....<3
I think we'll be a good couple..<3
So whats wrong..<3
lil lisa only 9 yrs old shes trying figure out y the world is so cold y shes all alone and she never met her famliy mamas on drugs and she never met her dada
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