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when i was just a little girl crying late at night he came into my room and told me not to cry. that one day we would get out together and i was always gonna be daddy's little girl forever. that he would never leave this hell hole without me. 6 years later i'm still sitting here crying. he left 3 nights ago. he didn't take me with him. he didn't even say good bye. he broke his promise to me. and this time i know he's not coming back. i hate him for this. for putting me through all this. doesn't he see that i need him. that he has a home here with me and that he doesn't have to leave. can't he tell that mom is saying things she doens't mean. can't he see he's killing his little girl slowly but surely. and when he refuses to talk to me does he realize how that makes me feel. i would do anything in the world to see him again. to have things back to the way they use to be. when i was daddy's little girl forever. i guess forever was shorter then i thought. it kills me inside knowing he just up and left. without taking me with him. without saying good bye...
somedays you seem so far away.

so far = too far.

in the first line, bold so and underline far
if i tell you i love you...
will you feel the same way?
Jamie:we all need nicknames for this trip
me:ok you can be j-lap
me:olivia can be mini me and chelsea can be chelli
alyssa:what about me?
me:you can be a2l2y2ssa
alyssa:whats that spell?
me:its your name sweetheart!
lol love ya girlies good times on that chorus trip!
He left me because i was playing in my band to much..then when he left i said i'll sell my gutair to pay off all those bills im really sorry he didnt care i did becuase you never know what you got till its gone then he moved away from the state and i kept calling home and he wouldnt answer one day i left him a message saying im so sorry i love you so much and i never wanted to lose you that quickly...im guessing ill never see you agian so have a nice life in New York Emily Then a few days laster i heard a knock on the door it was "him" he said i got your message and i wanted to surprise you and he did and then he came in and we started talking about what happend he kissed me after we were done talking its been 5 years,we were in highschool 5 years ago and now we have a baby coming and im getting married in 3 weeks,i had my baby and then i found out my Boyfriend was really sick with cancer or something and we didnt have enough becuase we lived in the ghetto and we had anyother baby but the wedding didnt happen becuase we was sick that day.......then the night of our wedding i was getting ready to walk up the isle and then my mom and dad and everyone screamed my almost husbend had fanted walking up the isle......he had died a few hours later at the hospital we found out that we wanted to die so he took a number amount of pills and i cried to hard i was wondering if he was suffering or he just wanted to kill himself...i miss him so much i would say in my prayers how much i want him back how much his baby boy and girl want him back her with us how sad they every night when the end of the table at dinner is empty we all want him back when they went the bed he would say to me i love you and i never want to leave you i love you 4ever and ever goodnight i never really got to see him the day of our wedding i miss him i always will

the sadness of love
i saw you look in my direction and im praying you didnt see my reaction. my eyes begin to burn and my stomach tosses and turns. my body begins to shake and my head begins to ache. my heart stops and then beats faster and i look like a total disaster. And the worst thing of all is the image that comes in my mind i see you with someone who isnt me. and all of a sudden im back to reality
And when you asked me all those times what i see in your eyes i smiled and [lied] and told you

And maybe the reason i cant sleep is because somewhere i know shes still in your dreams.
Today i smiled alot more then i use to and now because of you i never knew i could lie so good
And you smiled at me the way you did that first night you know the one where you began all your lies.
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