Quotes added on Tuesday, February 6 2007

Brake my heart, watch it bleed, come back and ask me back out.....brake my heart agian, telling me all the lies.....kissing me making me think you care. please just leave me alone don't come back to me yeah i might still have feelings for you but i realy realy do need my heart fixed then broken agian

I want you to promise
That you won`t cry for me
You have to understand
That I need to finally be free
Cause now I have the strength
I`m not afraid of death
Or what comes next
When I take my last breath
I`m ready to be given
To heaven or to hell
Maybe then you`ll see the truth
In the stories that I tell
Your life really matters. Don`t fall for the lie that you are worthless .. that if you are gone nobody cares and it`s you against the world. There is always someone out there who cares about you but they may not show it and you don`t know.
when it seems there is nowhere to turn .. nowhere to run .. then what?
every 100 minutes another teenage will commit suicide.
more than 30,000 Americans commit suicide each year, and 5,000 of these people are teenagers.
people who talk about suicide often commit suicide. all who talk about suicide should be taken seriously. we need to change lives and realize that this is not a joke.
in life you are always going to look for someone to be with for the rest of your life. hold on to the person that is willing to risk it all for you and let go of the person who wouldn`t give a damn if you were gone tomorrow. but if you can`t figure out who that is, just remember who always made you smile, even when they drove you crazy.
and i`m not gonna get mad anymore.
i just have to learn to expect the lowest
from the people i once thought the highest of.
you can have this old thing
its cracked and dusty but
i think it just might workkk
.. <3
it's always the person you want the most that you're better off without.
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