Quotes added on Thursday, February 8 2007

never trust guys. especuially the ones older then you. they will tell you they love you and tell you they care but then the next week you see them at the movies kissing another girl. who is blomde and beautiful. it's the cirlce of life.
people say tht when the same four numbers are on a clock ur supposed 2 make a wish.... everytime i see those numbers i ALWAYS wish for u
i love you more than starbucks.... WOW i must love you alot
a best friend..
is a person you can be [ yourself ] with.
is the person where you can act [ stupid ]
is the person who listens to you when you [ cry ]
is the person who curses your [ ex ] off
and is the person who actually [ understands ]

and that is (bff name here)
A Friend would visit u in jail and a BEST FRIEND WOULD STAY THERE SAYING "THATS TIGHT!!!!!" make it bold and highlight some stuff make it fun
*count by two's
the moment you get to 5 will be the
moment i stop loving you <33
i love u is just 3 words but.......
the passion is wat life makes worth wild
*hearts pink love pink also passion should be
read and life and wild should be all diffrent colors*
Someone came up to me and said
my friend put her hand over that girls mouth and said "DONT EVEN GET HER STARTED!!" everyone knows i love him for so many reasons the world would end by the time i get to da next subject bout him
DO you belive in love at first site?
or should i walk by again? cuz i didnt get this lip gloss for nothin it was made for u to take it off
·· ··÷¦÷·· ·· ··÷¦÷·· ·· ··÷¦÷·· ··
bOy i dOnt thInK u rEalIzE hOw
MucH i lOve yOu
·· ··÷¦÷·· ·· ··÷¦÷·· ·· ··÷¦÷·· ··
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