Quotes added on Friday, February 9 2007

[&&]When I Sleep I'll Hide My Hands Under My Pillow So Maybe I'll Forget I Want U To Hold Them
Lets Set The Stage On Fire & & Hollywood Will Be Jealous

its a smileyyy faceeeeee =]

its a smileyyy faceeeeee =]
live for the sake of living
love til your heart is breaking
give your all
and dont hold back
tell the truth
& dont forget to laugh
til your bodies achin
cry til your hands are shaking
but whatever you do dont live...
a whatever life
i want to be tha playa
where the other team sez
"watch out for her"
basketball -
live it && love it
its the lights
<3 i have the type of friends..
that if my house burnt down...
we'd be sitting on the grass
making s'mores and hitting on the firemen <3

bE CrEaTiVe
love's good when its right
bad when it's left in your memory
all the times
it's let you down <333
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