Quotes added on Sunday, February 11 2007

&& i swear when we've moved on, don't live with our parents anymore, forgot who eachother were, i promise i will look you up and travel all over the world just to see you one last time <33


So i take it as that we use "like" or "love" as a way to cover up all our bad things...where really it's just another way to make the tears come harder, longer...and the bruses even bigger...
people think of me as the person that makes everyone feel better. i make them feel better because i can't make myself feel better and i don't want them to go through the same pain as i do.

the one thing you always want
is the one thing you'll never get
[[ you proved that to me ]]
love is irrational
the more you loved someone,
the less sense anything made
8 ¯¯
our hearts skipped beats

like a scratched cd.
boy, you make me smile Ü
There's Always That One Boy
that can make you fall harder
than you've ever fallen : laugh
so hard your stomach hurts : and
feel when your with him that nothing
in the whole entire world can come
b e t w e e n . y o u . t w o
Im not random..i just have many thoughts!!
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