Quotes added on Wednesday, February 14 2007

If we were a movie
you would be the rite guy
and i'd be the best friend
that you'd fall in love with
in the end we'd be laughing
watching the sun set

isnt how every relation ship is
off livin my life...witch u seriously need to get
...i think u can find a cheep one at wal-mart=P
basically, I rock !
so i understand if you're a little bit jealous !!!!!!
Girl: No autographs please
Boy: Who r u?
Girl: i dont no u tell me
Boy: ur not even famous
Girl: im more famous then u ever will be
Boy: w/e
Girl: it is w/e
"baby shame on you if you fooled me once shame on me if you fooled me twice"
-Life Goes On
LeAnn Rimes
Starting Today I Won't Look Back I Won't Let Them Bring Me Down And I'll Never Regret.
The Pain You Put Me Through The Great Times You Turned Bad The Day to Day Hell Is All Over Now And I Wish I Would Have Ended It Sooner I Will Miss You And I'll Question Myself But I'll Never Go Back
Promises mean everything.
--But after they are broken,
sorry means nothing.
&& now that we are really over;
I finally realize what im deffinatly NOT missing.
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