Quotes added on Monday, February 19 2007

how about you like me for who i am,
NOT if i'm not her.
You. Me. Whipped cream. Handcuffs. Any questions?
love starts with a hug,grows with a kiss,and ends with a tear♥
her: your the sister i always wanted

me: but im the sister you already have. =]

love this chick!!! best friends for life!!
roses are red,violets are blue,sugar is sweet, and soo are you.but...
the roses are wilting, the violets are dead,the sugar bowls empty,just ike your head!!

haha.my friend told me that a long time ago.
your mama is soo tall that when she did a cartwheel,she kicked the moon!!
ohh god!!
the below statement is true

the above statement is false

haha try and figure that one out while im gone!! ohh chaa!!
[]D [] []V[] []D  ohh yess! it says pimp ladies and gentlemen!!
my momma gave me a nickel,she said go buy a pickle,but i didnt get no pickle..instead i got some BUBBLE GUM,BaZOOKA ZOOKA BUBBLE GUM!!

yeshh sonn!!
Me without my girls is like
abercrombie without its moose
hollister without its seagull
laguna beach without its drama
american eagle without its eagle
coach without C's...
pac sun without the sun...
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