Quotes added on Thursday, February 22 2007

you never see broken hearts</3 on a valentine

so why break your valentines heart?
you're the pigeon

And sometimes
you're the Statue
im addicted to how we kick it*

staceyfacey and jennabean
&W h e n
lifee gives you a hundred
reasons to cry ;
have a thousand
reasons to s m i l e a

& = times new roman size 18
when = century gothic size 18
everything else = arial size 8
hundred = underline
cry = underlined & bold
thousand = italic
a = size 8 small fonts
so OvErAtEd,
SLam DuNks
ThAtS wHaT We AlL aBoUt
BaSkEtBaLl is LIFE
we wet down that road before but you said you cared but when it comes down to it you where just the wrong road to take
if we were a movie
you'd be the right guy
and i'd be the best friend
that you'd
fall in love with in the end
we'd be laughig
watching the sunset
you bring sunshine to my world
you bring a smile to my face
you bring the butterflys to my tummy
you bring the best out of me
you bring the worst day to the best day
you bring a 6:30 wake up, get ready, walk in the cold all worth it
so i thank you for being you
i love him, he loves her, were best friends and well if we were a movie i `d be the girl he fell in love with and we would live happly ever after but its not a movie so i guess i got to live with being friends
you were there when i need you the most
you were there when i didnt understand
you were there when i woke up from a bad dream
you were there to tell me everything will be ok
you were there when someone past away
you were there at 8 o`clock games to cheer me on
you were there when i didnt know what to do
you were there to tell me which way to go
you were there when i needed a best friend
you were there when i feel in love
you were the guy i fell in love with
the guy i never wanted to lose
the guy that was my best friend
the guy i trusted with every little thing
the guy i needed in my life
the guy i wanted in my life
the guy i will always remember
the guy i said yes to when he said will you marry me
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