Quotes added on Friday, February 23 2007

Do you want to know why your so scared? Why you can't hide behind your books, or your telescope, or your faith? It's because maybe...you want to be with me too.
-A Walk to Remember
If I had to
choose between
loving you and
then I would use my
last breath to
tell you that
Y I Love You Y

Center It
Arial size 10- all except
Breathing- Viner hand ITC size 16
I Love You- Comic Sans ms size 16
all in pink
the Y's before and after I Love You- Webdings size 16
cute cute cute!!!
100% mine!
Friends will say "OH you deserve better" but best friends will be prank calling him saying "You will die in 7 days."
~*~Make it cute~*~
&& As a matter of fact we do pretend that our hair brushes are microphones and dance around in our underwear. But thats what makes us best friends!
~*~Make it cute~*~
DON'T HIT KIDS. No Seriously.they have guns now.
Don't worry baby, You didn't break me, you completley destroyed me.
Don't you
hate it when two people
belong together,but
dont do
a n y t h i n g
about it?
center it
Don't You- IMPACT, alternate pink and purple.
hate it when two people- arial, black, size 8
belong together but- arial, black, size 8
a n y t h i n g- arial, size 16, same purple as before.
about it- arial, black, size 8
this is wicked cute---Love it!!
Guys are like cookies, their tempting, look delicious, but all they do is add weight!
~*~make it cute~*~
they have less issues than people.
hug a tree- arial black, size 16 -green
they have less issues than people- arial, UNbold, size 8, green
hug harder
laugh louder
smile bigger
love longer
~*~make it cute!~*~
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