Quotes added on Saturday, February 24 2007

i can't seem to get you off my mind
i was making a list of all the things i love about you, but i had to stop cas i ran out of paper♥
When you love someone
don't let them go
because you will regret it

Before you do something stupid
just think do you really want to do this
i know most of us are young but you never
know where life will take you
and the advantages you will get in your life

just some advice for you ladies
     __        __
    /_ \______/ _\
   ___\     _  _\ 
  <(  \    /o\/o\\
   <(  \       ^  |
    <( _\\   /\^^^/\
If you can't tell its a Bulldog!!!
. . . . & the truth is
that ive never fallen so hard...

-- the spill canvas
love is the easiest thing to fall into...
& the hardest thing to fall out of </3
the actual meaning of break up:
you cant buy my love back
but you can buy me a dog
i love the way you smile at me
it makes me happy but baby when your love went away i just couldnt take ill always love you always and forever....
S3X, BL00D, R0CK && R0LL
SP33D, W33D, BiiRTH-C0NTR0L.
SEXCii LADii3`SZ, PiiMPiiN M3N,
W3`R3 THA CLASS 0V *2010*
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