Quotes added on Wednesday, February 28 2007

you want it, we got it
you dream it, we rock it
you talk it, we live it
your jealous, admit it!
a friend is someone you have goodtimes with;
a best friend is someone whose in all of you best stories<333
whoever said you cant buy happiness was apperently shopping at the wrong mall!!!
dont ever let somebody tell you you cant do something you gotta dream you gotta protect it if you want something you gotta go get it. period.
-The Pursuit of Happiness
we dance on beds like idiots
&& sing into hair brushes loudly
we yell alot, fight a lot
&& trip each other over
we sing when we shouldn't, knock stuff over
we make fun of each other, eat alot
&& we basically live at each others houses
we laugh at the dumbest jokes...
but doing this together makes us
whoever said sunshine is happiness
obviously never danced in the rain!
either face the music or turn off the radio.
you know the music isn't loud enough if you can still hear your thoughts.
how can you move on so eaisly&&fast?!? i guese my friends were right, i was just a game to you like all the other girls. will you know what im going to find a way to get over you&&fast because staying up all night crying&&trying to figuare out what i did this time just isnt working anymore
We are friends through Sun and shade and forever more.
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