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and im just a simple

who doesnt deserve such an amazing boyfriend....
Look how worthless Novak is. He's just sittin' there commenting on how bad of a job I'm doing.
-» Bam Margera // Bam`s Unholy Union
We go through ggod times,
We go through bad,
We go through happy,
We go through sad,
But the thing that matters is that we go through them together.
Common.It's obvious.
[[I love that boy]]

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Yeah.I know.You tell me how he broke it.
You tell me over and over.I'll still
listen to the broken heart you
still have.Maybe, you're
Better without him.
Stick it to the man

-school of rock-
And when he left, he took her heart
I'll still stand here with you.
I won't let go of your hand as
Long you won't let go of mine.
I'll pull you back up however
Far down you have fallen. Ill
Be there whenever you need me
I won't leave your side. Only
If you promise to never leave
Mine. 'Cause you know what it
Will always be worth it. That
Is always gunna be what your
[[Best Friends are for]]
leave the P A S T behind
&& hope for a good
96% of teens wont stand up for god
repost this if u r 1 of the 4% who will
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