Quotes added on Monday, March 5 2007

[[ Do you want the real story ..
Or do you prefer the lie ?

Do you want to see me smile ..
Or maybe see me cry ?

Do you want to folow ..
Or let me go alone ?

For then, néver to know_#
Baby, don't you see ? We we're meant to be ! *
friendship is someone who will always be there wheather it is to spred rumors about ur boyfriend after he dumps you or just being a sholder to cry on. i know an amazing friend that i like to call alex.
im not going to waste my time on you any longer
yeah sure I like you && all. but i am not going to
sit here, and mope at the fact that you like her.
i'm right here...im all yours if you want me to be
I'll wait, but let me tell you...i wont wait forever
Some people call a friend someone who would bail you out of jail. But a REAL friend would be sitting right next to you saying. "DAMN THAT WAS FUN!"
"what god has intended for you goes
far beyond anything you can imagine."
Smiles are like bandaids,
they can cover up the pain
but it stiil hurts <3
sometimes you have to forget how you feel
& remember what you deserve x3
having the love of your life break up with you and say we can still be friends is like your dog dying and your mom saying you can still keep it ©
for get the risk
take the fall
if its what you want
then its worth it all ©
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