Quotes added on Tuesday, March 6 2007

we're all a little in the dark when it comes to love.
sometimes you have to run away from it to see it clearly, and
sometimes you have to come home to try it again.
but i'm down to one last breath
and will it let me say;;
hold me now
i'm six feet from the edge
and i'm thinking
maybe six feet ain't so far down
K so i had a big fight with my friend and thiz quote helped...

"i'm sorry did my back hurt your knife?"
You said the way my blue eyes shined,
Put those Georgia stars to shame that night
I said: "That's a lie"
hey, god, i know i'm just a dot in this world
have you forgot about me?
Anti Smoking.
There's cooler ways to die!
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If drama were VODKA our school would be so WASTED!!!!
When you get caught looking at him remember he was looking back <3
He said " I <3 you"
I sneezed and said,
" Sorry im allergic to BULLSHIT"
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