Quotes added on Wednesday, March 7 2007

its kinda funny when your there and you see him...
hes sitting on the sideline with the rest of his team talking to about 7 of them.
as your sitting there amelessly staring at the back of his head...
the 7 of them staring at you including him turns around and just looks at you...
Thats when you know that it might be more than a crush!
I roll with the prettiest
my girls always shine
got a problem with that?
Then it becomes mine!
[[ initals of ur bffes ]]
It was like a scene from a movie...
The fouth quarter had just ended and you had just scored the winning three pointer when you ran up to me and asked if you could kiss me...
What else woud you think i would say?
that girl...
she could talk to anyone
about anything
she could talk forever...
but when it came to him
she was [[ s p e e c h l e s s ]]
She wipes the black rivers
running down her un-made cheeks.
She takes a deep breath in and steadies herself.
She can do this, keep going, pull though
When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry
Have a thousand reasons to smile...
&&i just wanna be with you,
your arms around me
and boy, beleive mee, id let you have my heart,
you just have to be the one to ask<3
&&you know you like him more than just friends when you kiss anouther guy and you
feel like youve cheated...
even though you&him are not togeather
you tell yourself its just a one time thing
just one kiss(well a few)
&that there is no way you are ever, EVER
going to see him again...but..
everynight you fall asleep trying to picture his face..and every moment you spent with him
&&you wish when you wake up and walk outside
he'll be there waiting, because he wants you as bad as you want him x3
i was thinking about you & about him
and i realized i was soo happy because...
he gave me the chance to fantasize about something that acctually happened..
rather than fantasizing about what could be
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