Quotes added on Monday, March 12 2007

so many thoughts
that I can't get out of my head
i try to live without you, every time I do I feel dead
i know what's best for me
but I want you instead
i'll keep on wasting all my time
over and over I fall for you

etitss: itschristydoodex
time keeps going by
and its going by so fast
so live for the moment
and never forget it
you know you love someone when all you need to do is see his name on a sheet of paper,
and your day has been made.
dont you hate when you love someone so much,
but you know in your heart
that you can never have them.
truth time....
i never got over you
i only wish i did
the year is almost over
its time for summer
everyone its excited
all but me....
cause its decion time once again
who should i love?
where should i go to school?
who are my true friends?
i see you once a week
we talk on the phone everyday
but when it comes to being together
it will never be.
Boy: Are ou coming on Thursday?
Girl: yeah
Boy: Then i wish it were Wednesday
just one day
thats all i need
one day with you
and i promise you wont regret it
it will be your best day ever
the day i hooked you
we all have it
just get used to it
its not going anywhere
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