Quotes added on Monday, March 12 2007

welcome to [[high school]]
hold the drama <----underline
welcome the freedom;;
and toss the parents <--strikeout
Sometimes i lay outside
stare at the sky
close my eyes
and try to remember what life was like
before school got so serious
before your grades depended on your life
before boys got so confusing
before friends where moody
yeah,before high school.
Everyday dawns grey,
Grey, grey everyday,
Doesnít matter what you say,
Either way,
It will be grey.
And grey, grey,
Will it stay,
Dawning grey,
Push me away,
Doesnít matter,
Itís already grey.
Everyday dawns grey,
Grey, grey everyday.
Grey, grey, grey, grey.
i want to be that girl
the one you see in the halls;;
laughing her head off
looking like a fool
who gets strait A's
and still has time for boys.

(make it cute!)
And he whispered to her "The only way i would ever hurt you is by holding your hand too tight" E|E|
You ask me, how i could tell
wheather you were lieing or not,
; Your eyes could explain a paragraph ;
She never thought that she would
Get her second chance
Running so far from all sheís ever known
Convinced she lost all meaning
Where did her dreams go
Still she knew that there was something more

Donít be scared, thereís someone there
To say these words you need to hear

Donít let anybody tell you who you are
Itís okay to let go, youíre that shooting star
Remember all you wished for
Believe it will be true
You will never find yourself anywhere else
Youíll find yourself in you
waiting for you is like waiting for rain in a drought((hopeless and dissapointing))
make it cute!!
i misss you a little more everyday.
the sunsets are nice but they dont
keep me warm at night and the ocean
keeps waving goodbye. and i sure miss you tonight
yeah. 1 month ago last year
i was with you.
i jsut i stil was.
i know, one minute im over you
but when i see you, it falls into place.

hunn i love you.
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