Quotes added on Friday, March 16 2007

you look at me and say im ugly
i look at you and wonder what your thinking
then i ask you
"have you looked in the mirror"
True love is when your boyfriend drives 2,000 miles just to say I miss you.
~*~*~*~*HANNAH MONTANISMS*~*~*~*~

that boy flip flops more then a catfish in a moonbouncer

SwEeT nIbLeTs!!*!*!*!*!*!

it was like finding a mullet at a truckers convention

like walkin barefoot through a field of cows during their morning sitdown

you can buy a thirst man a cow and he'll have all the milk he wants, but he still wont have enough to finish his cookies ;)
u say u make it rain on them hoes
be honest
u cudnt make pennies rain on a piggy bank
Our thing

Iíve heard of this thing,
Seen it too,
But only in movies in fairy tales.
I donít know if it can really exist
In such a place as this
A place of all this suffering.
But without this such suffering
Would our thing, our object, our feeling if you may

Would it be as great or wanted and needed as it truly is?
Weíve seen the movies read the fairy tales,
But seen the tragic endings too.
I turn away
Before I see the verdict.
I have to keep this hope
That our thing
Is out there somewhere.
The reason for our suffering is alive somewhere
Making it all worthwhile.

Our thing has a name,
It has been played out.
Our thing whose name has almost been diminished to nothing,
This thing, this object
Is love.
Take it or leave it
Itís the only hope we have
And itís out there
Itís up too us
To catch it
And make it real again.
boy: why do you wear a bra, you dont have anything to put in it
Girl: you were pants dont you?
I thought you loved me so much, you made all of it seem so true, but in the end what happened when none of it was true.
When you hold me I feel so warm and safe inside but when you are not with me it feels like half of me is gone.
I said I love you, you said it back, but did you really mean it?
I love you so much but you just don't understand.
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