Quotes added on Monday, March 19 2007

sooooooooo theres this boy that i cant stop thinking about
i see me and you sittin on the grass next to each other and looking at the sky looking at each other and laughin me and you were the perfect couple until she came along ruined it all and look at us now were not together anymore im nothing without you i still love you always =[ i always love him secertaly in my heart
Sometimes I just wanna scream I LOVE YOU!!!!!
Sometimes I just wanna scream I LOVE YOU!!!!!
I got hit by a truck
----->so i hit it back.
If we don't make the team better then why is everyone at ALL the games always staring at us?
Love is when you stop listening to what other people say && start listening to each other <3
&&sometimes someone can mean
SO much to you that not even the
[ TRUTH ] can change your mind
The easyiest thing to put on is make-up

But the hardest thing to do is
Wacth yourself cry it off
If you can make a girl laugh,
you can make her do anything.
-Marilyn Monroe
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