Quotes added on Tuesday, March 20 2007

[x] It takes a second to meet someone
A minute to become friends with someone
An hour to start making *memories* with someone
And a day until youíre ((inseparable)) from someone
But it takes forever to forget all of those *memories*Ö
No matter how hard you try to forgetÖ
Youíll never quite manage to make them completely
Baby boy if when you look at me you see:
Then if you make me yours when you look at me you`ll see:
&& u kno that u like him when u cant find the
words to speak when he comes close, or practically
everything that u say & do has somthin to do with
him, even if u donít mean it to be, it just isÖ its like
no matter what u do, u just cant get him to notice wat
u could give himÖ u will never kno unless u ask, so
take a chance, and find out who & what exactly his
heart wantsÖ u never kno, it mite be you [x]
If you read her mind then youíd see how much she wants you
..exactly what sheís willing to do for you && Boy let me tell youÖ itís alot
I`m nowhere near perfect♥
I knock over practically everything I come close to
I get in fights with my friends
I get embarrassed so easily
I like more than one boy
I have trouble talking to those certain boys
But that`s just me, I can`t be anyone else
So yea, I`m not perfectÖ
But I am as close as it gets
When you get the chance to do somethingÖ
Take it, even if youíre unsure at firstÖ
Because in the end itís everything youíve ever wanted
Itís all my fault that youíre not here by my side right now
I was embarrassed to admit the truth,
But now that I admit how I feelÖ youíre over me
I was so sad when I figured out that you actually wanted me
And now I like you againÖ but you donít like me back
And It`s all my fault
Now that you know the truth
I just want to be with you
I canít hold back this is real
Cause what we share its undeniable
Donít want to hide no more
Here I am and Iím coming for you
Iím breaking down
I just canít take it anymore
I wonít let you go
You know Iím comin for you
No matter what itís gonna take
Iíve got to make this move
Youíre the one that I chose
You know Iím comin for
And I just canít go another day without you next to me
- Coming For You♥Jojo
This time itís all my fault
This time I canít let go
This time I didnít really but I got these feelings
How am I supposed to know
I canít let my weakness show
Half my fits my cause me to miss this first chance at real love
This time I wonít let you get away from me
This time Iím gonna let you take it where it should be
This time I wonít say no cause sayin no is a way to protect me
This time imma let you want me
-This Time♥Jojo
If there is something that you want
You should go after it
Because itís not going to just wait for you
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