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All I want is the glass slipper....
And the happily ever after ©
in our society there are comfort boxes and circles of possibilities., but how come we place our gossip and pointed fingers among the individuals that are brave enough to step outside our everyday "shapes." We judge them when they should be the ones we look up to, how is that fair.
nobody wanna see us together
but it dont matter
cuz i got you babe.
we can make it work
no matter who says we cant
we can prove we'll make it work
she Let him gO. fOr her
tO see, that friends came
first, but sO did he.<|3
the cute little smile oh god it
could last for hours. the way you
looked over & said hey.oh i cant
even explain. i drop pencils for
you boy. just to watch you pick
them up & say here. you must think
i`m some sort of clutz. clutz? i am.
in love? of course. stupid for both
of it? yes i know. i`d do anything for
love, let alone everything for you<3
" You deserve to be with somebody who makes you happy. Somebody who doesn't complicate your life. Somebody who wont hurt you. He's the better guy. " - GREY`S ANATOMY
"you know how it is when you don't
want to miss them, but you want them
to miss you." + Summerland
"Because you're beautiful, and you don't know it. Because you're smart, and you don't believe it. You're the kind of girl that guys never get over. You're the kind of girl that other girls get compared to" - Dawsons Creek
Shes not the type of girl to wait by the phone.
She won't cry; she knows it'll get her nowhere.
She'll laugh a lot & often.
& she'll live her own life.
She'd like you to be a part of it.
But she'll do just fine without you.
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