Quotes added on Tuesday, March 27 2007

[[*Forever? long time
Willing? of course
Ending? nothing lasts forever
Dieing? the wanted end*]]
{(*{The smile makes me happy
the laugh brings me bliss
the moments? yea..thats what i miss}*)}
[[*I guess im ok
sometimes i smile remembering
sometimes i cry
but i guess i know one thing
he was just another guy*]]
{(*{All i want is your love
its all i need
its all ive ever asked for
and i couldnt even get that without a struggle
you make everything to difficult
but i love you so much<3
im willing to try and get through
everything you threw at me<3}*)}
just drop everything
forget my name
and all i have ever felt for you
its a dead end
and theres no turning back
is this what you wanted?
...i hope so..
cause then at least one of us will get
what we deserve*]]
{(*{crying, sobbing, dieing inside.
this is what you put me through}*)}
[[*Im afriad to talk to you
i dont want to push you
i dont want to hear what you have to say
because i know its not what i want to hear*]]
{(*{i thought i knew you so well
i thought you were different
i thought you'd always be there
to catch me as i fell
how could i have known you'd be the one to push me?
i guess i dont know you at all
just dont say i didnt try
dont ever say i never loved you
[[*all the words i want to say
all the words i want to hear
they'll never come
all the words i dont mean
all the words i never want to hear
their flowing out like the lyrics to a song*]]
{(*{you dont have to tell me
i already know what your going to say
Ive known all along and im prepared
that still doesnt make it ok
im not ok}*)}
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