Quotes added on Saturday, March 31 2007

We had the best of times together
we used to hold hands,look at each
other in that indescribable way,
and now it's like we live on other
sides of the world
Did you ever really care?
Be Yourself
and everything will be okay
the journey is just beginning...
Love is like the wind;
You can't see it;
But you can feel it.
- A Walk To Remember.
have you ever had a stab in the back
of course you have
that is what frendship is
one day your their best friend
and the next
their worst enemey
so i've been thinking....
are they really your friend?????
:-c :-c
throw me some roses...

ill be SuRe To CaTcH tHeM <3333
I thought that kiss ;; actually meant something.
and all she really wants is someone
to look forward to seeing her everyday
every day begins a new chapter in my life
i hope that one day, you can make it end
<3 happily ever after'.
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