Quotes added on Tuesday, April 3 2007

Take me for granted,
I dare you to think I wont go away.
Take me for granted,
and I surley wont stay.
Do you want to know what love is?

Go take a shower. Turn it to as warm as you like, and stand there. Let the warmth of the water take over your body. Have some candles burning, smells of vanilla and rose in the air. Just relax and let it take over your body, mind and soul. After your shower wrap yourself in the biggest fluffiest and warmest blanket imaginable.

That my dearies, is love.
"smile beautifully, smile BIG * smile confidently
& everyone thinks you've got all kinds of secret
things going on ; & that keeps them wanting more,
& when they want more, your automatically
interesting "- PARiSHiLTON
i am very agile, i can bend and not break; or i can break and take it with a smile. and i am so resilient -- i recover quickly. ill convince you soon that i am fine. in other words ... i am talented at breathing *
if someone breaks your heart, just punch them in the face.oh sure, it seems obvious now, but you'd be amazed at how many people dont think of it when its relevant. seriously,just punch them in the face & go get some ice cream *
As she cleans her bloodstained hands, she whispers,
"You can't hate someone who's dead."
I'm not the type of person that succeeds the first time. So, I try again.


not- bold
person- italic
again- underlined =]
Lets laught the night away [&& block out all the troubles in life]

lets, away- pink
the- purple

hope ya like itt*
Try and break me down.

Try and turn me around.

TRY. Yeah i said TRY.

Cause you wont succeed.

I told you; Im headstrong.
all these people drinking lover's spit.
they sit around and clean their face with it.
and they listen to teeth to learn how to quit,
tied to a night they never met.
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