Quotes added on Wednesday, April 4 2007

if life was a highway i wanna ride it all night long!!
to show me that all boys arnt the same
i really like ya daym chian
(your town name without the parenthesis)
this town is our town
it is so glamorous
bet you'd live here if you could
and be one of us

town name-times new roman italic size 24
the rest- Lucida Sans italic size 1

the song is from The Go-Go's
we're the type of friends thatt walk into poless
n he type that charge to the office and trip and fall
n the type that think their gangsta
n the type taht make funni faces when nothing happenesss
n the type that have intense mood swings wen they find out thtat teir goldfish bag exploded
n the kind that laugh hysterically for no apparant reason
im just a texas girl
with a texas size booty
u may call me a redneck
call me a hick
but baby wen u see shake my thang
u gonna like it
love it
and want some more off it
i need my men like i need my texas
steamin hot with a sweet febuary breeze
Since you already left
why did you take my heart
[{ W I T H Y O U}]

so cute <3
if u loved me
u wouldnt have left me
if u thought i was beautiful
u wouldntve gone for the girl hoos makeups pitful
if u thought i made ur world go round
u wouldnt have stopped it all and made me frown
if u told me ud never make me cry
then wats this wet stuff coming from my eye
if u told me u would never hurt me
then yd u tear my heart out so mercilessly?
I cant keep a stiaght face and say i;m over you
everyone knows i;m not so i have decided to just give up trying to say i am Because i;m not. you still have me wrapped around your little finger.
I wish this wasnt true but it is.You said you loved me. But you never did. But can i tell you, i said i love you and i meant it everytime.
four letters that can:
rupture ur heart
patch it together
play with ur mind
tear u apart
cause TONS of drama
make ur world crumble under u
then put it back in place
lets say it together now.........
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