Quotes added on Thursday, April 5 2007

He`S hEr DrUg && ShE`s AdDiCtEd.
BuT sOmEtImEs I wIsH hE wAsnT fAlLiNg
FoR hEr < / 3
just sing until ur lungs give out
-Fall Out Boy
your moms so fat she sat on a rainbow and skittlez popped out [:
Laughing until Your
Stomach Hurts..
is what friends are for..
(name friends here)
"Always Super Size..Especially at Wendys :]"--This is when you relieze how there is a 1,000 pound guy :]
©*~*~I Dont Know Where I Would Be Without You Here With Me Love Makes Perfect Sense Your My Best Friend~*~*©
so you see. there is this little yellow thing next to my screen name. it kind of means im away. so yeah i dont know why your wasting your time reading my away message because its not getting you anywhere. :]
it hurts so bad when
the person you want to just talk to
doesnt want anything to do with you.
do you wash your pants in windex
because i can sure see my self in them
you tell me oyu never want to lose me,
but the truth is im already gone!
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