Quotes added on Thursday, April 5 2007

go away!! im alphibitizing m&ms.....mmmmmmm
& I realized that its not you im in love with,its all that you used to be in the past<3
Y dO tHeY aLwAyS pUt AdUlT jOkEs In DiSnEy ShOwS??????

we bring it
like a fat kid on a [ seesaw ]
KK SO I WAS visiting a part of a family that ive never meant before

when i saw two really hot guys walking down the street >>>tall blonde and cute>>>>

but then they walked through the front door

there related

>>>>lol y related>>>>>>>
keep taLkingg ; your makingg me famousss :]
its so hard to stay strong when everything goes wrong <3
& i'd be nowhere without my bestfriends <3
ii hold my head up high ; cos there are MiiLLiiONS of people whod kill to see mee fALL .
life is about ; trusting your feelings. taking chances. loosing and finding happiness. appreciating the memories.& reALiZiNG LiFE G0ES 0N =]
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