Quotes added on Sunday, April 8 2007

Life is not measured by the number of breaths youu take:
But by the number of moments, that take yourr breath away...
gurl-why are you here
boy-I want to tell you somthing
gurl-what do you want to tell me
gurl- why are you wasting ur time with me IM nothing Im a complete idoit I will make you fall in love with me and then probraly hurt you without knowing
boy-I don't care if ur a wreck
gurl-why not
boy-cause Ill love you know matter what!
gurl-I love you too!
Roses are red
Violets are blue
i tell you idont like you
because i R E A L L Y do ♥
With His Converse tied real tight he might
Just be my boy always and for all days
The first boy I've known to get stright A's
And appear in everyone of my high school plays
Motzart blastin from his volvo
And theres tape on his glasses in charge of hall passes
Not the kinda guy I mostly been with
I go for thug or Abercrombie and Fitch
With a little bit of sk8er boi here and there
Not a guy who dosnt even show his underwear
When he sags his pants but I wanna go with him
To the school dance and have him be my date
But I'm afraid that he dosnt know how
To move and everybody would flip and have a cow
Now just because he brings his lunch packed this situation that I'm feeling is jacked

I wouldnt call him fly suspenders and a bow tie
I wouldnt call him the man but he can still hang with the fan

Now this aint the description I saw in my dreams
But they say nothing is quite like it seems
So even though you see his socks when he walks
And his pants are so tight circulations cut off
I think I should give him a chance and ignore his metal braces and tight pants
But my friends disagree they disapprove of my plans to make a move
But it would behoove me
To not pay attention to them My friends
Just dont understand just cuz hes not the man
They try to act hard now pretend like they floss
We'll see whos laughing when my geek is their boss
Maybe he dosnt have experience with dates
But I bet the same thing happend to Bill Gates
So even though he dosnt have Sean Jean or Gerbauds
I got love for my geek I want everyone to know
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oops... i forgot s p a c e s o well
theress justt somethingg aboutt youu thatt keeps mee from tryingg too forgett aboutt youu<3
So there's this boy
the way he looks at [me] makes my knees go weak
the way he kisses me I can hardly speak
he's the one I love <3
how many times does it take
for our relationship to finally flake
to break it down bit by bit
until all thats left is a fading memory
but the flame that kept us going is no longer lit
i didnt know how much u can take from me
i hate that ur right
but it was ur fault wat happened that night
she was lookin nice i no
but u sed i made the night glow
i guess that wasnt true
i guess i shouldve stayed with u
otherwise she wouldntve made her move
but im here to say ive found my voice
sayin yes to u wasnt the best of choice
to me ur gone
inside and out
ur not the same person that took my heart
you kno when you love someone
you cant force it
it just happens

there's over 6 billion people in this world
&& sometimes you onlii need one.

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