Quotes added on Tuesday, April 10 2007

its a gutcheck
of what you believe.
its a car crash of two hearts..
&& i call shotgun.
i wish i could press fast foward.
just to see if you're worth the wait.
behind every girl's smile
theres a boy who put it there.♥
maybe you won't break me this time

because i think i love you

Knowing [[who]] he was
was a mistake
Talking to him
was an (even)
bigger mistake
But ((falling)) in
[love] with him
was the biggest
I ever made
Fake is the new trend,
I guess everyones in style
if your not teasted;
your not loved.
see my life is filled with ups & downs
but i'm ok when your around <3
when a girl loves her boyfriend the last thing on her mind is what people around her think about them.
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