Quotes added on Wednesday, April 11 2007

whooooaa there goes a hot guy..better follow..oh no hes running away!! "noo!"

gatta go catch this hottie
bb Wayyy later!! <33

How do i fall [out] of love with you. ?

Because i know this isn't right

Why does it feel so [perfect]. ?
he was something special.
there was something there.
i thought he was so helpful
but he truly dosent care.
&& Maybe it's because i put the phone down and
make crazy squeal sounds every time (you) call.


(my friends noticed i do that a lot)
So we're Crazy
together we [[ party ]] together we cry
kept every - secret - &&
covered every lie. becuz were
[[Best Friends]] till the day we die..
Do YoU lOvE mE oR nOt YoU tOlD mE
OnCe bUt i F O R G O T
sO tElL mE NoW &aNd TeLl Me ThE
TrUtH sO i CaN sAy ThAt
*[I L O V E Y O U!]*
When you love someone you'll know it
they be able to make you {happy and sad} at the same time
they be able to make you [laugh] and [cry] at the same time
E V E R Y T I M E you see him youll get butterflies
and they told her that
she would never amount
to anything and she believed them
keep your head up kid,
you'll make something
or your self someday <3
i love you silly.
isn't that what matters?
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