Quotes added on Wednesday, April 25 2007

&&i can't beleive things are finally going my way;;im finally getting the one thing iv been waiting for for so long;;the one thing iv wanted the most
if this is what iv been waiting for for so long && its the one thing i thought i wanted more than anything then shouldnt it feel more right??
what am i doing?? i finally have you;;after that long wait && all those other girls i finally have you &&im second guessing it;;
&&that first kiss;;that was the best feeling in the world &&when you looked at me after and just smiled, i knew from then on everything was going to be okay.
...With the Venomous Kiss you Gave Me, I'm Killing Loneliness. With the Warmth of your arms you Save Me, Oh I'm Killing Loneliness with You...
-Killing Loneliness H.I.M.
no guy is worth your tears and when you find on that is he wont make you cry.
Baby,Baby your all mine baby skin oh so fine my love for you is so define ilove with allmy soul. i love you chris!

&& all i need in this life is your arms around me telling me it will be okay someday.
you know it's love when he won't get off your mind

Your Eyes(I'm over it)
Your smile (I'm over it)
Realized im over it, im over, im over
If only you wanted me
no that aint no way to be
how i fell read my lips
because im so over, so over
moving on its my time
you never were a friend of mine
hurt at first a little bit
but now im so over, im so over it
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