Quotes added on Thursday, April 26 2007

Take my hand and lead me away
Hold me in your arms and tell me forever you'll stay
Look into my eyes and say you love me
But please go away if I cant have you for eternity
Yes you do get overly jealous at times and so do I
Only because we need each other for life
Everyone thinks we'll break, that we'll fall apart
Truth is, no one else could ever steal my heart
You have it and I have yours
And we'll be together forever more
He's my love, my life, my everything.
Without him I couldnt survive. I wouldnt want to.
...Because without him Im nothing, he makes me who I am. And makes me feel worthy of life, of love. All because I know his feelings are very mutual. So with having said that, I absolutly know he is my one true love, my best friend, my lover, my peron I confide in, my man, my SOULMATE...
Cracks in the concrete
Are just small reminders
That even the strongest
&& It gets to the point
Where all she says is
"I'm done trying"
&& What hurts more than losing you
Is the fact that
You're not fighting to keep me x|3

Awesome editsss. IM me
&& i.m.s.o.r.r.y
I'm sorry
But I'm starting to run out of glue
"Here we go kid
Pitch it right in there
'Dangle Dangle' girls."
HAHA Good Times
Varsity Softball
'07!!! :)
"I don't know what it is, but I think I ahve better coordination with a Stick or Bat in my hands."
HaHa. My Math teacher. Haha.
Talking about Field Hockey and Softball versus Basketball!
is such a simple word
But it's so hard to do
when you've been hurt
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