Quotes added on Sunday, May 6 2007

they make me feel
like im on top of the
(freinds names here)

im me for editzz
im almost always on!
All he has made is your broken heart. And let me tell you it's only the start, of something that grows more each day, of something that will NEVER go away, of something that never seems to heal even with someone else by your side. I know it's hard to get over him, but sometimes it's just the best thing to do! If he cant realize your everything he needs && more; then he isn't worth it<3
that you don't have a friendship
like ours

really cute editz

im me!
play me
a beat i
can get
lost in<3
you gotta take some chances
you gotta risk it all
you gotta close your eyes jump
cause it might be worth the fall
do not spoil what you have
by desiring what you have not
experience is a hard teacher
because she gives the test
first. lesson afterward

its innocence when it charms us
ignorance when it doesnt<3

pain is inevitable:
suffering is optional

cute edits
sometimes people put up
walls not to keep others
out but to see who cares
enough to tear them down

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