Quotes added on Wednesday, May 9 2007

she's bringing back MEMORIES i wanna forget
MISTAKES i wished i hadnt made
THINGS and WORDS i want to take back
STUFF i've done that cannot be changed
...my awful past...

guess thats what happens when you're friends with you ex's girlfriend...
& everything that was said that day. didnt hit me. until ii woke up in the middle of the night my phone ringing.. & it wasnt you....
just because you cant see a broken heart doesnt meant it's not there. only you can feel the pain. no matter how badly your friend say they understand. it's just the simple fact of they dont know how it feels. to be used and lead on and hurt so badly. They cant feel it. they dont know what goes through your mind. they dont know that it didnt hurt your heart as badly as it affected your will to live. being heart broken doesnt litterally mean your heart is broken it means your soul has been taken.
yea i'll never turn on you. i've herd that more times that i herd my name. i already knew it was gonna happen. for you to just lie to my face and let me believe all your lies. but ii wasnt as nieve as ii once was. ii was ready to have my heart broken again. ii carried glue and tape in my back pocket for weeks.
I'm the type of girl --
That loves dancing in the rain,
Singing even though I know I can't,
That's krazie, loud, and obnoxious,
Gets mad easily, but also easily lets things go,
That loves laughing and having fun,
Enjoys making jokes, and being joked about,
And just likes to make things interesting.
&& Thats what everyone's
talkin' bout

*edits :)
lovers are for better times loser are for now
you've changed so much
and you've seem to have forgotten me
and even though you say it's not true
you say "i'll always remember you"
i just can't seem to believe it
Not always easy to be!!
Sometimes you just cant have
what you want!
& everthing you want is ME!
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