Quotes added on Wednesday, May 9 2007

My cookie monster hides in my room!
My cookie monster comes out at night!
My cookie monster makes me FAT!!
Boys are like roses
nice to look at, but look out for thorns
top row - impact 18
boys - light purple
are - turqoise
like - neon green
roses - yellow
/bottom row\ - tahoma 8
Boy the first time a saw you!
i looked up and down and said...
As i wish on a shooting star!
I think of him and that girl at his side...
Thinking it should be me!!
The dictionary cant even explain??
The love between ME & HIM!
All these years my heart belonged to him!
BUT!! I never really noticed his heart wasn't really mine!
All those years i looked at him!
He was really looking at my.....
Let my best friend fall for?
secrets dont make friends
God Bless The Broken Road That
Led Me Straight To You. <3.
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