Quotes added on Thursday, May 10 2007

....I just wanna cuddle with my beautiful baby....
Next time put a gag in her mouth--->But you must be doing something right ~DLo
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Seeing it on your floor the next morning:
fun(strike out fun) fact:
you're the
reason I'm
typing this
right now
if only you were lonely....
(on the phone)
girl:omg guess what!
girl:I live in your closet!
boy:ok, are you kinda bored in there?
girl:sadly yes..
boy:then you can come out here and help me get rid of something
girl:what is this something...?
boy:lets just say its REALLY hard.

^lmao, only us^
and this is the reason;
you mean the world to me;
cause even if im not perfect;
you dont care;
and love me the way i am.
I Still care about you...
but you don't care about me...
i still want you...
but you don't want me..
I still love you..
but you don't love me...
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