Quotes added on Saturday, May 12 2007

basketballs a fun game to play
if i could i'd play all day
but afotenatly i go to school
just like every other fool
i go to school every day
even though i'd rather play
when school gets boring i have to say:
i'd rather be outside today
my mother says ill ketch a cold
but ill stay out untill im old
<3 basketball
If you love someone,
They might love you,
But only if you tell them,
They would love you too!
&& All I Want
Is A Kiss
In The Rain
Every day she wakes up in the morning
Thinking Oh! this day will be great!
But the person she loved was kissing another girl
My heart fell down and he saw her

He was thinking in his mind,
OMG i totally forgot she loved me!
So he went up to her and said
Your the one I love & kissed her.
he told me to put a picture of
him in my heart but i just cant
seem to get it out </3
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broken heart getting fixed ;]
ima flirt ;; so dont leave ya boy widd me ;] <3
No one can make me smile
Like you do ♥

saw it on somenodys pro
better to laugh about nothing
than to cry about everything *

-somebodys pro
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