Quotes added on Tuesday, May 15 2007

The girls that make at least half-way decent friends are the ones that dont sit right in front of me and talk about what they want to do to my man. The ones who dont get into my business, whether it be what I have or havent done, if my clothes dont match, or even just to ask me what the hell is wrong. Girls like that are RARE...
(drinking moutain dew) " ...Yeah let me finish my cherry juice..."
Do you know why I call him Mr.Happy???
Oh, its because he makes me very very happy if you know what I mean,lol.
My mascaras smearing but I dont care as long as your here and no one else
He's my first love and I know he'll be my last because I'll never have another, marks my words.
I have a confession to make to the world...


I just want everyone to know the truth!
Friends are like blankets
you don't think you'll need them
untill you get left out in the cold

got it from a book
make it cute
& The day that you walk into a mailbox...
Is the day you KNOW you've lost it ;)
last night I had a dream &&
you were in it,you told me
that you loved me and you
wanted to be with me forever.

I wish dreams came true </3
HEY boii how you doing
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