Quotes added on Tuesday, May 15 2007

I'm gonna chase my
and catch up to them
REaL WoMen DoN't DatE YankEES FaNS...=)
my heart beats faster, faster, as he silently walks by.
i can just see...me and him forever.
im walking down the hallways. wanting you to be next to me.
why cant that happen?
you look at me.
my heart stops. and i stare back.
he keeps walking. thats how it always ends.

--now thats originallity.
I'll be your accident
if you'll be my ambulance.
&& I'll be your screech && crash
if you'll be my crutch && cast.
&& I'll be your one more time if
you'll be my one last chance.
BFFL stands for more then
Best Friends For Life
It stands for
Bad times, Fun times, Future, && Love
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