Quotes added on Saturday, May 19 2007

The teacher handed back the tests. She looked down at her paper and saw a F with HIS name written all around it.
Why, WHY do you have to be so cute?
Dont hate me cuz im HOT!
Pop it
Lock it
& Drop it <3
That summer I spent with you, it will always mean everything to me. It's summer again, and I'm missing you. You kicked off my life that summer. The fall breeze blew between out love, the distance was horrible but we held on with everything we had. The cold, cold winter was hard without your heart to keep me warm, but you assured me, one way this distance would break. Spring rained you in, my heard blossomed again like it did that summer. Then again, youi had to go. This distance will always hurt me. Summer's here again, it's so hot, but me heart's so cold without you.

                 () ()
                (.  .)
                ( uu )
                 u  u  
I made him myself
      ME                                                                                 *****             *****
                                                  (o)                (o)
Boy meets girl
you were my dream my world
but I was blind
you cheated on me from behind
so on my own I feel so all alone
but i know its true
Im still in love with you!!!!
i try to let go of the p a s t and think about the f u t u r e. i plan to spend the rest of my life there.
(all mine pleeze dont take credit)
BUT ii`M CHANGiiN THE L0CK`Sz !! `

100% MiiNE!!
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