Quotes added on Saturday, May 19 2007

more than a m a z i n g
!*<3 and he's just one of those boys
i'd do a n y t h i n g for
it isnt about waiting
for the storm to pass
Its about learning to
"dance in the rain"
i never let the actions of another
shake me or brake me.!* <3
You know what. im not gonna give up. giving up is for quitters. life is all about taking chances. so im gonna take a chance and never give up.
when the world says give up,
hope whispers one more try.

saw it somewhere
he has the key to my heart.....<33
I have to block out thoughts of you
so i don't lose my head.

spmebodys pro
don't fall for someone unless
they're willing to catch ♥ youu
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