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i love nice boys. who hold your hands
and hug you from behind just because.
boys who don't say I love you every second
because he wouldn't have to,
I'd already know.
I tried to read between the lines
I tried to look in your eyes
I want a simple explanation
For what I'm feeling inside
I gotta find a way out
Maybe there's a way out
++ Boys Like Girls
They say we haven't been through half as much
as they have. Sure, they watched in horror as they
heard the news of Kennedy being shot, and went
through the Vietnam War. They went through
Raids, the Kent State mystery, but we've been
through Columbine and saw the Twin Towers fall.
We've been through Virginia Tech, and have had
to fight alcoholism, and battle eating disorders.
We fight a different kind of war; one with ourselves
and never being good enough. We've seen bulimia
and anorexia. They say we haven't been through
much, but we've been through just as much, and maybe more.

The best things in life don't happen unless you take risks. Risk yourself and throw your heart out onto the table.Be who you are and hope people accept you. If they don't, too bad. Always be real, never fake.Smile when you're happy, cry when you're sad. Never hold emotions inside. Let yourself risk getting hurt, let yourself try something new. follow your heart and do what you feel is right. Not what other people tell you to do. fall in love; take a chance. Hope the other person feels the same. Love is a risk. it could bring either pleasure or pain. Sometimes both. Life is a gamble, you never know what it will bring. Live in the moment, and don't dwell on the past. Find the good in everybody. Think positive, do positive. Break the rules and take a chance of getting caught.
imagine the worst things you think about yourself.
now, how would you feel if the one person you trusted most in
the world, not only thinks them too, but actually uses them as
reasons to be with you.

- that could also be in friendship too :]
That girl's read one too many
summer romance novels.
But she's trying to make up for
the story she never had.
kid kicking chair to get it back up in the library....
Library Teacher:If you wanna buy that chair you can kick it all you want.
Kid:ok... sorry... (sits down)
Subsitute teacher:(calls Me up) why were you kickin chairs??
Me:i wasn't it was that kid
Subsitute teacher:no it wasnt why are you lying?? i saw you do it with my own eyes.
Me: i didnt do it Mr _________
Subsitute teacher:ok we'll talk about it later..
After we're out of the library....
we're in class....
the person who was kickin the chair (My best friend):hahaha OMG he thought it was you dude?
Me:yea lol wow how dumb i hate subsitutes i get in an arguement with every single 1 i have dude..

we're in the middle of class...
Subsitute:ok i might not remember all of your names so if i see you guys in Wal-Mart where i work i'll just call you dude ok?? ok.

the new girl turns around and starts talking to the people behinde me during a test

Me:Turn around and shush!!!
Subsitute:i would'nt be talking your already in enough trouble.
Me:For what!!??
Subsitute:for Kickin chairs!
Subsitute:or now your callin me dude?
Me:ok MR.___________
Subsitute:if thats the attitude your going to have go to the office.

I sit there.....
it gets quiet me and my friend who was kickin the chair stare at ea. other and start laughing
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