Quotes added on Friday, June 1 2007

I want someone who won't caree
if i wear jordans instead of heals,
I want someone who won't caree
if i'm incapable of sitting still,
someone who relizes most my decisions
i make i regret, but most of all
i want someone who will have the //fear//
of losing me and take me as i am...
the girl who never quites...
finally quite</3
how are you gonna love someone
if you don't even love yourself?
how can you trust
if you can even trust yourself?
how can you be respectfuly
if you don't even respect youself?
(tHiNk aBoUt iT...)
trying to get over someone:
-if you need to cry than cry
(by youself,and not everyday)
-don't be around the person
-try not to listen to love songs
-eat alot of real food
(people say choc. works but no it just brakes out you face)
-go to the mawl even if not to shop
-dance to fast music
-keep your self busy
-don't be alone only to cry
-try not to see couples kissing out holding hands
-dont use the letter of there first or last name
-tell yourself your gonna make it
-don't quite!
-look cute at all times
(even if walking to the store)
don't get mad get even
she HATES how he did'nt tell his
&& she had to see

Edits: cute colors!!
HATES: caps
secret:-secret- italicized
herself: :herself: crossed out
Why didnt he tell me..
when he had the chance??
Now he has ruined me,&& my life...

I have to live with knowing,
that this could be my last day,

my last day..
from having my freedom,
and having my chance....
sometimes things happen 4 a reason.
sometimes ppl change.
and sometimes ppl dump u.
&& Your Just Jealous because me and my friends can act like retards in public and people still love us
I roll with the ~Best~
My Girls always *Shine*
You got a Problem with them
the problem becomes ~Mine~
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