Quotes added on Monday, June 11 2007

<--LoOkInG iN yOuR eYeS sEeInG aLl I nEeD-->
<--EvErYtHiNg YoU aRe Is EvErYtHiNg To Me-->
I fOuNd AlL i'Ve WaItEd FoR && i CoUlD nOt AsK fOr MoRe <33
Sweetie, Life Goes On;;
it's already tomorrow in australia ;]
God made coffe
God made tea
God made boy's
Just 4 me!

God made flowers
God made dirt
God made boy's
So i can flirt!

God made coke
God made pepsi
God made me
So dang Sexy!

God made the ocean
God made the Sea
God needs a princess
So he created me
thanks for the memories
. -------> even though they werent so great.
an apple a day actually keeps the dentist away, too, sooooooooooo:
an apple a day keeps the dentist away, but if the dentist is hott, eat fruit, we will not!!
except your mistakes
live for laughing
&& always remember
your only young once

IM me at casaw23 for sum cute editss***
....the way it should be J

its really cute u just gutta get the edits soo im me if u want them!!

The tan lines will fade.....

but the memeries will last a life time
shines. we'll shine together. i told you i'll be here forever. that i'll always be your
friend. took an oath and im gonna stick it out till the end.now that it's raining
more then ever.know that we still have
each other.you can stand under my
u m b r e l l a .

make it look cute**
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