Quotes added on Thursday, June 14 2007

I think your the only boy
that brings out that certain
smile in me <333333
I dont think I could ever get over you. You were my first for everything. But you dont care. You just move on to the next "hot chick" that moves in the neighborhood.
I cant stand even thinking about it. You've screwed me up so much, I dont know who to trust anymore. I'm just so heart broken.
we make up stories
we make up songs
we only show eachother
but never sing along
as we grow up we will stay together
thats wat it means
to be friends forever!
The world Comes to end when I see you with that girl my heart breaks in half when I see you with that girl I start to cry but I walk away in shame that I ever lett you go!

100% mine NO takes
te amo mucho!!!!
i`m the type of girl that can be
so hurt; but i can still look at you &
smile;laugh;act like everythings is okay_ _
the type of girl who is
willing to brighten up your day .' even
if i can`t even brighten up my own.

In arial 8 in different shades of bluee
This is a A &+ B conversation so C ur self out of it before D &+ E,
F u up.
whether a boy
whether a girl
a friend
or an enemy
it still hurts
even wen u seem fine
Ur mama is so fat she went in the water at the beach n she was wearing her blue bathing suit,
The whales starting to sing,

haha i think i got the words mixed up a lil bit
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